Strategic Plan

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

St. Peter School is proud to have provided a quality education for all of our students for over 65 years. We are committed to continuing our legacy in forming our students into tomorrow’s leaders and disciples of Jesus Christ. To ensure our school’s future vitality and strength going forward we formed a strategic planning team of dedicated parishioners.

This team worked under the guidance of myself and our principal Anne Asher. Pam Heschel facilitated team meetings and interviews with staff and parents. Our team of Cathy Buckingham, Bryan Edwards, Jon Harkelroad, Jason Hinners, Brian Witherow and former student Patrick Dusza represent a cross-section of our parish. The team has met over a period of many months to establish this formal strategic plan that reinforced St. Peter School’s mission, vision and guiding principals.

During brainstorming sessions in our first few meetings we assembled our goals into four overall areas needed to guide our school both long and short term. These included: financial sustainability, student success, spirituality of students, and nurturing of community support. Results from a parent group SWOT analysis and other collected data were evaluated and incorporated into our plan. Strategies to attain each goal were developed and activities associated with each strategy are outlined. Assigned stewards for each goal will oversee progress achieved and evaluate success based on specific metrics for each goal.

This document is not the end of our planning process; rather, it is a roadmap to guide us in future years. This strategic plan is a dynamic, living document that will be reviewed periodically to help us in decision making and the evaluation of our programs for effectiveness and contributions to our goals, mission and vision.

I am very grateful for all of the time, energy, hard work and creativity given by many in the development of this strategic plan. As we continue to move forward, this plan will be used to guide our direction in doing what is in the best interest of our students.

In Christ,
Fr. Jeff McBeth