Our students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in competitive sports.

St. Peter School students have the opportunity to participate in sports, first, through the St. Peter Parish CYO program. In the event that a particular sport is not available through the St. Peter CYO program, students have the option of participating at St. Mary Central Catholic in Sandusky, or in their public school district of residence program.

If a student who resides in the Huron City Schools district wishes to play a sport that is not available at St. Peter School, that student may participate in the sport in the Huron City Schools sport program, provided they meet all the same requirements for participation as the public school student. In a sport where students must try out for a team, the St. Peter student also must try out for the team.

Both of these options only become available if the St. Peter CYO program does not make the sport available for the appropriate age student.  The St. Peter parish CYO program options are based on the number of students interested in participation.