Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions Week of August 3, 2020
  1. I’m wondering what you’re planning on doing for gym when the weather gets colder. Will the kids just wear some sort of blue sports pants or their choice along with a t-shirt under another shirt?

 Answer: While the winter Gym uniform has yet to be finalized, we are considering solid navy-blue sweatpants as the PE uniform.


  1. I am wondering how you are choosing to divide the children up into two classes. 

Answer: The Preschool teachers are dividing up the Pre-4 class based on their experience and observation of those returning students.


  1. How will the students be dismissed from the classroom?  Will they have supervision from the classroom to the Narthex as they have in the past?  Will someone be in the Narthex to ensure they are safe?

Answer: For dismissal, we will utilize a staggered protocol:

Bus riders; Walkers/bike riders; Car riders in alphabetical order:

   A – F

   G – M

   N – S

   T – Z

Yes, children will be supervised upon dismissal.  As families will be dismissed at the same time, we will be requesting and expecting that older students also look for and assist younger siblings.


  1. Can you expound upon the recess policy?  We are confused as to when the kids are running around and breathing heavily in smaller groups; we believe this is when the virus could spread more easily.  While we understand the need for recess, we don’t understand how this will keep the kids safe.

Answer: Students will participate in recess, as well as outdoor learning, in their individual classrooms and not amongst other grades, while wearing a mask.   Hands will be sanitized after recess.  Parents are certainly welcome to have their child(ren) participate in non-physical activities while at recess such as reading.


  1. Do you know when, if at all, that band will return?  We are paying a rental fee to Forte Music for instruments that have not been used since March.

Answer: Unfortunately, we have no way to predict at this time when band class will resume. It will be based on number of cases and virus spread. 


  1. Under the “responding to students and staff presenting symptoms” it states that, “the Health Department will trace close contacts (those who spent more than 15 minutes in close proximity to the student) so that they can be quarantined at home.”  How do you define close proximity?  For example, in the classroom, what is considered close proximity?  Desks that are adjacent?  How will that play out with Gym class?

Answer: Although our classrooms are set up so that desks are spaced 6 feet apart, it is most likely that if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID, the Health Department will be given the names of all students in the classroom with an identifier of those students that sit closest to the person who has tested positive. Students will be maintaining social distancing requirements throughout the school day. 


  1. It is mentioned that more frequent cleaning will be conducted during the day and or more often during the day.  Who will be doing this cleaning?  Is additional staff being hired to do this?  

Answer: Existing staff will be performing the cleaning duties.  We are also looking into ways to have additional staff for increased cleaning.


  1. How will bathroom breaks be handled?  Will they be cleaned after each use?

Answer: Students will be required to wear masks when using the restroom.  Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will be at the door of each restroom and students will be expected to sanitize hands before and after each use.  Restrooms will be cleaned throughout the day.


  1. If a child is sent home with a cough and a fever, will they be required to have a COVID test or self-quarantine before they can return to class?

Answer: Per the ECHD guidelines in the Reopening plan, “Schools and employers should not require students or staff to provide a negative coronavirus test result or a note from a healthcare provider before returning to school or work.”

A person should be off school or work for 10 days from symptom onset or positive test, be fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine, and see an overall improvement in symptoms.