Liturgy & Prayer

Various efforts are made to develop a spirit of caring and concern among the students and staff. The liturgical seasons are celebrated as a school community; holy days of obligations are planned and observed; Catholic Schools Week holds days of special celebration. Parents are welcome to participate and share their talents in any of these community activities.

It is expected and we presume that parents will bring their children to the weekly Sunday celebration of Mass as part of their formation as Christians and Catholics. Our bishops tell us that “Catholic Schools are to be communities of faith in which the Christian message, the experience of community, worship, and social concern are integrated in the total experience of students, their parents, and members of the faculty.”

All students of St. Peter School must attend religion classes and attend all school religious activities. Masses, retreats, and penance services are scheduled on a regular basis. Other functions such as prayer services are scheduled periodically.

Daily Prayer
Daily prayer is a high priority at St. Peter School. Each school day begins and ends with the class praying together, along with meal prayers at lunchtime. As part of our school improvement plan we will be providing opportunities to participate in other types of formal prayer throughout the school day.

Starting in the fall of the 4th Grade, boys/girls may sign up in the Parish Office to learn to serve Mass. After sufficient training, boys/girls in Grades 4-8 will be added to the serving schedule. In case of emergency, if he/she cannot serve at his/her scheduled time, the server is responsible to find a substitute server. Server schedules are handled through the parish office.