Thursday, October 24th, was another great afternoon of walking, skipping and ‘church clapping’ at ‘The Rock’ gymnasium. Students participated in 20 minutes of activity after collecting donations to support the extra curricular activities at St. Peter School. Student enjoyed listening to music as they circled the gym together. They received a snack and then the fundraiser leaders announced all the winners!

Congratulations to the top prize winner – The Cencer Family. Enjoy your limo ride around town!
Congrats to the Edwards Family. Enjoy your new gaming system!
Congrats to the Macioce Family, Wells Family, Lunato Family, Findley Family, Mason Family, and Clark Family. We hope you enjoy your various gift certificates and prizes!
Team Bobcat – Enjoy your donuts!
Fifth and Eighth graders – great job at 100% class participation. Your teachers will receive gift cards in your honor!

We hope everyone had a fun afternoon!